The Best Portable Hard Drive for the Retina Macbook Pro

The 2012 Retina Macbook Pro is the best laptop EVER! At-least the best that I ever had. It’s thin, powerful, and the display is gorgeous. To achieve the epitome of todays mobile computing Apple throws away some old tech, and that includes a built-in high capacity mechanical hard disk drive, making it more expensive than HDD based systems.

Not that I missed the mechanical drive, the 500gb SSD is just not enough for me. My iPhoto Library alone is 300gb, my iTunes Media Library is almost 700gb, so I need at-least a 1.5tb of storage to carry all my stuff. This makes me in the market for a high capacity portable external hard drive. Currently, the biggest amongst them is the 2TB USB 3.0 My Passport from western digital.

Housed in a plastic enclosure, the WD 2TB My Passport (product page)have a small footprint, however the enclosed 2.5″ high capacity drive makes it bulky compared to other smaller drives. First I though the plastic material would make it less appealing, but it actually doesn’t look bad at all. The halftone pattern on it made it less boring that it would without it. Still, It would be nice if WD used aluminium not just for aesthetics, but also to better heat dispersal.

The unit I bought for Php 9,600 was defective out of the box, the hard drive produces a noticeable ticking/scratching sound which is loud compared to other healthy drives. Luckily, I was able to ask for a replacement unit before the 1 week replacement warranty ends. I would suggest anyone to test the unit inside the store by copying huge amount of data into it. Make sure it don’t produce

ticking or scratching sound that strong enough to produce vibration.

Overall I’m pretty satisfied with the 2TB My Passport. It runs cool, and quiet. It got up to 90mbps read/write out of the box and goes down to 75mbps read/write when 75% of the total capacity is consumed. The massive 2 Terabytes capacity makes it ideal for Photographers, Video Editors, and Enthuthiast who always want to have everything nearby. The only problem I see with these capacity is that you tend to lose more data when the HDD fails. To counter this, I would suggest you buying a bigger capacity desktop drive, for back ups.

The 2TB My Passport comes with a 1ft. USB 3.0 cable, and for that capacity this drive won’t require external power making it the best portable external hard drive for my Retina Macbook Pro or for any other storage challenged laptop I guess. There’s also no budget friendly thunderbolt drives that would match the capacity at the moment, so there’s no real competiton for this yet.


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