Hama Cases Indicates Cameras on 5G Nano & 3G Touch

Three more days and it’s Apple’s Music Event 2009, I’m really excited to see cameras on the 5th Generation Nano and 3rd Generation iPod Touch. I’m sure Apple will include pretty awesome applications to justify the existence of cameras on the iPod line.

I envy the guys who could go to IFA 2009, I hopeĀ  this blog will produce more bread so I can experience the next trade show. If you’re one of the lucky guys to attend the IFA 2009 in Berlin, you must have seen the Hama cases revealing holes at the back which is evidence of the next 5G Nano and 3G Touches to have a built-in camera. Photos after the cut.

hama case ipod touch 3g back

see the hole at the back? a camera and definitely no flash.

ipod nano case 5g nano back

again see that camera hole.. I just hope it comes with auto focus and it’s at-least 3megapixels.

Obviously the new iPods will be granted the ability to shoot photo, but what’s next? Hmmn, Lemme guess “built in projector?”

Thank You Edgadget for the photos ;-)

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