Belkin’s Joypod iPhone Game Controller comes with App Support

Last week, we have featured a game contoller for the iPhone named iControlpad, this time we have another iPhone Game Controller and this time it have App Store Support. The problem with the iControlpad is that without Apple’s involvement, this controller may be limited to jailbroken apps only while the new Belkin Joypod, Apple will be incorporating official support for the this iPhone accessory in the iPhone SDK and will allow App Store games to take full advantage of these controllers.

Here are the other features of the Belkin Joypod iPhone Gamin Controller:

  • 8 buttons total (6 on the front)
  • Audio output
  • Dock connector for power and syncing
  • [via TouchArcade]

    Belkins iPhone Game Controller looks promising and can give the Sony PSP a run for its money. Unless the iControlpad can do something about having App Store Support, I think tehy’ll have some real tight competition with Belkin.

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