P-Flip iPhone Dock adds Power,Transforms it to a Clamshell

p-flip foldable iphone power dockWe have seen several iphone docks but this one is quite interesting. The P-Flip™ Fold-able Power Dock For iPhone, serves as a regular desktop stand but doubles as a portable accessory that adds extra power to your iPhone.

Priced at $55 US you get to replace your regular white iPhone dock  with a much slicker P-Flip. You can sync your iPhone and keep the P-Flip’s battery always charged, so when you need to leave just pull the P-Flip from usb cable and enjoy additional 8 hours Talk time,15 hours Movies and Games or 60 hours Continuous music playback while enjoying your Clam-shell iPhone.

iPhone ClamshellAccording to a review made by  GearDiary.com the P-Flip works as advertised but the only obvious drawback is that you can’t use type of protective case or cover while using it.

The P-Flip is equipped with a 2000mA Lithium Polymer Battery with 5V DC Battery input and 5V DC Output  and available in five colours: black, deep blue something, green, yellow and pink there’s a colour for every personality. Compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS, there’s an additional cradle which is needed for it to be used on an iPod Touch

Dexim via iPhone World

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