Voice Band for the iPhone will turn you to a One Man Band

So you want to be a rockstar or you want to create your own music but you don’t know how to play a guitar, you don’t even know how to play the drums and worst you can’t write notes for your composition, but you know how to hmmn-hmmn, or make beats with your mouth. Good news you still can create your own music, with this cool iPhone App.

Wavemachinelabs developed the Voice Band App, its a innovative way of making music. With Voice Band you simply sing into your iPhone and it turns your voice to upto 10 musical instruments like electric guitar, bass guitar, sax, 2 synths, and drums, you can even sing the vocals and the second voice.This will turn the introvert but musically inclined you to the ultimate one-man-band.

Here’s a list of Voice Band App Features

  • Turns your voice to instrument in real time.
  • It allows you to record an entire song with its built-in recorder
  • Includes two guitars, sax, bass, 2 synths, drums and a Mic Mode which lets you do the vocals
  • It allows you to play along with yout favorite music (great for practicing)
  • Ability to adjust the octave
  • Includes distortion, reverb and delay effects
  • Drum mode enables you to play both kick and snare
  • Auto Pitch helps to stay on key
  • Adjustable musical scale for auto pitch (Major, Minor, Blues, and Pentatonic)
  • Metronome with adjustable tempo
  • Songs can be saved and emailed within Voice Band.

Now with such great feature what more could you ask? Hmmn, how bout Facebook support so you can let everyone see your masterpiece.

Here’s these Demo featuring the song Smoke on the Water originally performed by Deep Purple

Too bad there’s no free version of the Voice Band App, you need to shed out $3 and download via iTunes App Store.

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