V-MODA’s Remix Remote In-ear Heaphones

V-MODA, known for their fashionably inclined audio accessories introduced a new in-ear headphones and they call it the Remix Remote.

The Remix Remote Headphones includes three-button remote, with built-in mic which you can use for phone calls, dictation or even use with Skype on your MacBook. V-Moda include technologies like the 9mm V-MASQUE neodymium drivers for high clarity and balanced sound, BEAT-PORT air flow system for high-definition live music reproduction and BLISS (bass level isolating soft silicone) which isolates the sound by reducing outside noise to produce deeper base.

Compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPods, MacBook Pro, and other music players the Remote Remix costs $99.99 US to own. Check out the Remix Remote’s product page for complete details.

via iPodNN

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