Yamaha Unveils its First Line of In-Ear Headphones

Yamaha recently introduced their first series of In-Ear Headphones the EPH line. The series is composed of three distinctive earphones. The EPH-50 with 13.6mm drivers and tough built is the best of the class and is made to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles. Next is the EPH-30 with smaller 9mm drivers is more ordinary looking and is for the mainstream market. The least of the class is the EPH-20, an entry-level earphones that comes with a 10.7mm driver.

The EPH-50 and EPH-30 are available in either black or white and costs a $99.95 and $49.95 respectively. The baseline EPH-20 costs $29.95 and you can choose from black, lime, pink, indigo and berry. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPods these headphones comes with three different sized ear buds for perfect fit and you can buy them from Yamaha direct.

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