Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit Could Enable USB Audio

According to public mailing list email, Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit will support audio interface that are compatible with USB Audio Class. This mean that the USB camera connector may also support audio in/out instead of being used to connect a camera.

If this is true then soon you will be able to connect your midi interface and connect your Musical keyboard to your iPad. 9to5mac also points out that if Apple can make USB audio in/out possible, why not make power out enabled too. To power your other device so you can use the iPad as an external battery.

iPad: The Magical Tablet that also serves as an charger.

If 9to5 mac wants a power out, I think we need video/audio streaming via USB, this way we need not to wait for the iPad2 which should have a frontĀ facingĀ camera.

via CreateDigitalMusic

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