iPad Price in Japan

Japanese carrier Softbank just revealed their iPad pricing scheme. Wi-Fi only iPads  costs ¥48,960 for the 16gb, ¥59,040 for the 32gb and ¥68,880 for the 32gb models while 3G capable units costs ¥61,920, ¥72,000 and ¥81,840 for the 16, 32 and 64 gb capacities.

The carrier also offers two year payments which may be flexible for some but will raise prices of Wi-Fi only iPads up to ¥53,280, ¥63,360 and ¥73,200  and 3G  iPads to ¥66,240, ¥76,320 and ¥86,160. For consumers who requires internet access all the time via 3G, Softbanks offers unlimited 3G data for two years costing ¥58,320,¥ 67,920 and ¥77,280 for the 16, 32, and 64 gb respectively. These data plans includes unlimited Wi-Fi access.

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