2 Megapixel Camera Equipped iPod Touch Surfaces in Vietnam

For the third time The New Source of Apple Leak (Vietnam) has revealed another exclusive, this time it’s a prototype iPod Touch with 2 Megapixel Camera.

The leaked iPod Touch is similar to the one that was sold on ebay a few weeks ago. It runs on diagnostics tool, appears to have 64gb capacity and includes a camera active indication lamp just beside the 2 megapixel camera. The body is similar to the current iPod touch and the “DVT-1″ makings indicates that the unit is an early prototype and may not be the final public release version which should be announced on June 7 at WWDC 2010 or September – The usual Apple music event.

The same Vietnamese site also unveiled unreleased upcoming Macbook units and rumors suggest that Apple is to release a new camera enabled iPod Touch this June of 2010.

via Engadget

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