Warning: Apple's App Store and iTunes Accounts have been hacked!

If you have an iTunes Account and buys books at the App Store, it’s time for you to make your move. Your iTumes account may have been compromised. As Engadget , the iTunes store have been hacked by a developer named Thuat Nguyen. Oddly, 42 of the top books by earnings are developed by Thuat Nguyen with company name of “mycompany” and website leading to www.home.com which is a parked domain. His books even surpassed the best selling Twilight  Installment “Breaking Dawn”. Although the iTunes Store shows that the books are written English and Japanese, it actually is written in Vietnamese. Also the books title are also fictitious, how the hell can titleslike  Conan 3, Conan 9, 11, 5, 6, 7 Vien Ngok Rong P1 to P10, LP Bat Bai P1 and other oddly named books be sold many times making it hit the top 50 by revenue? I  bet Apple have lot’s of explaining to do.

Coincidently people are reporting that their iTunes account have been hacked and post their concerns on twitter and macrumors. It appears like plenty of people are having unauthorized purchases reaching up to $600 in amount of books from Thuat Nguyen and other bogus developers. The hacking now also hits the UK, and perhaps could also reach globally.

It looks like a very serious stuff so to be safe go to your iTunes account settings and delete your credit card info (reset your payment method) or change your passwords to prevent your iTunes account from being hacked. Whew, thanks God I havent set my credit card information on iTunes Store payment method settings.

via MacStories, Alexbrie, TNW

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