Apple’s Friend Bar, Friend Line and iStore is all we need

Here’s The Onions take on us Apple Fans getting too obsessed with everything Apple. Cupidtino is for the Fanboys who wanna get laid, but for everyone else who’s not looking for a mate you can now check out Apple’s Friend Bar.

The Friend Bar, is just like a Genius Bar where you get to talk to Friend and talk hours about how good Apple products are. The service is free when you get an Apple Care warranty and each Friend are specially trained employees that can endure lengthy conversation about any Apple related topics. Can’t go to the Apple Store for an appointement? You can always try “Friend Line”, just like a real friend they will not get tired to talk to you over the phone. As if this two new service are not enough, the Cupertino based company also announces that next year you won’t be needing to get in line to get an iPhone 5. All you need is an iStore - a miniaturized Apple Store setup in your own home. The iStore costs $6,000 and it comes up with your own Apple employee.

Man I just can’t stop laighing! LOL

via MacStories

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