Change your iPhone 4’s Colour with Colorware

We have seen 3D mock-ups of iPhone 4 in different colours, sad to say those are far from reality. However, if you’re persistent and doesn’t mind spending $250 there’s Colorware to help you with your fixation.

Colorware allows you to customize your iPhone 4 with whatever colour you like, you can choose different colour for the frame (which could eliminate the reception problem), back plate, home button, MicroSIM tray, and even the earbuds. As usual you can choose from Gloss or Soft Touch Finish, Solid, Metallic or even pearl colours. There’s plenty of colours to choose from you can even create your own colour. Too bad, Colorware won’t change the front plate’s colour. 

As a cyclist, I love the yellow and black LiveStrong colours. But to think that I have to send over my iPhone 4 and wait for three weeks for it to get done, I’d rather have it skinned. How bout you?

via GadgetReview, Wikio

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