11.6″ MacBook Air, 3mp Camera iPod Touch Coming on September

According to Mingchi Kuo, a senior analyst at Digitimes Apple is going to release an updated Macbook Air with 11.6″ and an iPod Touch with 3 megapixel camera which is both capable of photo and video recording. According to the source which is an upstream component maker the new MacBook Air will be slimmer and lighter than its predecessor and the new iPod Touch will be powered with the same chip that runs the iPad and the iPhone 4. Both devices will be manufactured by Quanta Computer.

Kou points out that Apple will initially be selling 40,000 New 11.6″ MacBook Air and 17-18 million new iPod Touch this year.

If this is true then, the iPhone and the iPod touch feature-wise will be identical, except that the iPhone have a cellular connectivity, a front facing camera  and of course a cheaper price tag.

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