Liquid Metal Technologies will make Macbooks, iPads, and iPhones Lighter

Apple recently bought exclusive rights to Liquid Metal’s metal technologies and this means better Apple products in the near future. Let’s examine each Liquid Metal alloy properties and how will it be beneficial to the next Macbooks, iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

Liquid Metal alloys are 2.5 times stronger than titanium alloy with less weight, its 1.5 times as hard as stainless steel with less weight and 2-3 times more resistant to permanent deformation than common metals. It’s  non-corrosive, high thermal/electrical conductivity, scratch resistant, stain and rust proof as it  allows thinner casing with greater strength and allows for large surfaces maintaining thin skins without deformation.

The iPad is really fun to use but its quite heavy, creating a Liquid Metal battery will not only make it lighter it will also allow longer battery life. This also appliers to the iPhone and Macbooks. IMHO Apple will apply Liquid Metal to their product like one at a time. Although we’re certain that the next iPad will have a front camera, adding such feature will let the iPad cannibalize iPhone 4 sales, so instead of putting a camera it’s quite possible for Apple to use a liquid metal battery on the iPad 2 making it lighter and more fun to use. Apple designs and creates their own batteries so expect longer lasting Macbooks and iPhones, even the batteries included on Apple’s battery charger could also get such treatment.

Liquid Metal alloy’s strength also makes lighter and tougher devices. If these alloys are also recyclable then expect to see liquid metal Macbooks, iMacs and even Macbook Pros. With that in mind how do you think Apple will take advantage of this technology?

Read more about the pattent aquisition on BaltimoreSun, ZDnet. Thanks Gizmodo

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