Haier Creates New Speaker Docks for the iPad

Haier the company known to create quality home appliances enters the Apple ecosystem with its new docking station for the iPad. The Flex (IPD-01) and View XL (IPD-100) features what the product name means. The View XL is intends to enhance your movie watching experience with your iPad as it docks your iPad in horizontal orientation, it features a 25 watt speaker, an FM Tuner and an extra dock connector so you can dock your iPad in portrait mode.

The much flexible “Flex” does not have a built-in FM tuner, but it allows you to dock your iPad in three position, horizontal, vertical and low angle which is perfect for typing. Both features an AUX input and comes with a remote control, but the more expensive View XL has a video output that allows you to connect it to your TV and watch movies, photos or slideshows from your iPad.

To be launched this November the View XL will be priced at $130 while the Flex is a lot cheaper at $80. That means you’ll be paying $50 for the TV tuner, TV out and form factor of the View XL.

via Chipchick

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