Computer Choppers Shows Real Blinged Out iPhone 4

Computer Choppers showcases their blinged out iPhone 4, and unlike its competitor, they create real prototypes not 3D render or images produced using Photoshop.

Solid gold cast housings (with or without diamonds) can be created but do require a lengthy lead time. Please do not be fooled by our competitors offering ridiculously overpriced, photoshopped iPhone 4’s priced in the millions. The products they create in photoshop do not exist in real life. If you want a company with experience, knowledge, quality, and fair pricing, give us a call. Head over to our iPhone4 gallery page to see the many customization options available to our customers.

The company offers custom text or graphics on chrome, black chrome, copper, 24kt gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum in matte, brushed, or polished finishes. And like Stewart Hughes they also encrust diamonds on each custom plated iPhone 4 if you want.

ComputerChoppers via ChipChick

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