My Little Girl Will Love the iHeart (ai512) Jewelry Box

My little 4 year old girl is now starting to borrow my iPod touch to play games and listen to music, I can buy a cheap speaker dock, but I want it to be a little girlie. The iHeart heart shaped jewerly box speaker dock looks perfect for her, it looks pretty nice! Too bad the speakers can only produce 2 watts of power, just enough to fill a small room though. Looking at the exterior the rose carvings, and high gloss heart shape lid is an eye candy. Inside are four buttons for playback and volume connector, a dock connector and together with the 3.5 mm jack the iHeart can accommodate any iPod and iPhone versions (except the iPhone 4).

The heart shaped jewelry box speaker dock is available at Nano Concept HK and should be available soon.

It doesn’t have any precious gems, or metals, which is good, but It could have been nice if the interior is a bit concave so it can hold my little girls tiny accessories.

source Chipchick, Thanks Zara!

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