Apple Started Shipping 2011 MacBook Pros to Resellers

According to an AppleInsider report Apple has been sending sealed product pallets to its European brick-and-mortar stores. Dealers were warned that breaking the seal will revoke their reseller licence as the shipment comes concealed in black plastic wrap then  sealed again with “Apple Confidential” tape.

Apple has historically avoided making major product launches on federal holidays, and as such is telling these partners that an official announcement pertaining to the shipments would follow shortly, according to a person familiar with the matter. The same person said that Apple is vocalizing its right to yank reseller licenses from any dealer who tampers with the sealed shipments ahead of that said announcement.

This could mean that 2011 Macbook Pros will be available in some parts Europe upon Apple’s announcement, and could be sold world white on a later date. According to earlier rumors these macbooks will have a substantial update and will be available in five variants;two 13-inch models (MC724LL & MC700LL)  priced at $1499,
and $1199, two 15-inch models (MC723LL &MC721LL) priced at $2199 and $1799, and lastly a 17-inch model MC725LL that will be sold at $2499. ()

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