How to enable Bonjour and fix Airplay/Home Sharing issues (Windows)

If you’re having problem with iTunes sharing content via Home Sharing to Apple TV or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch running on iOS 4.3 chances are iTunes on your computer is not running and or Bonjour service is not active. Bonjour is Apple’s automatic wireless sharing protocol, computers with this service running can connect and share data between other Bonjour enabled device. With this service inactive, Apple TV won’t be able to retrieve content from your iTunes library, you can either restart iTunes, or if that doesn’t work – restart your computer. Alternatively, instead of restarting your computer, you can manually start or enable Bonjour, here’s how (Windows 7) : 

  1. Load Control Panel, and start administrative tools.

  2. Under Administrative tools, look for “Services”.

  3. In Services Application, right clicnk “Bonjour” and click properties.

  4. Click “Start” to enable it and restart iTunes.

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