Don't Panic iTunes Error 13010 is easy

Early today when I try to sync my iPod touch, iTunes ( keeps popping a message box saying “The iPod “iPod name” cannot be synced. An unknown error occured (13010)”, and when I press okay the message just reappears. It don’t know what to do, so my initial cure is to disconnect and reconnect my iPod, but no use. The next step is to restore the iPad, but I’m not ready for that, I wan’t an easy fix so instead of restoring, I restarted my iPod by holding the lock button. I never get an iTunes error 13010 after that, so I guess that should be the fix. 

After doing my research, according to Apple Support KB error 13010 have something to do with an Genius library file, and the cure is to delete “iTunes Library Genius.itdb” which can be located using search function on Windows 7 and spotlight search on Mac. This solution however doesn’t work with other users, perhaps they should upgrade their iTunes installation.


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