This Gold and Diamond iPad 2 Features Ammolite Stone and Dinosaur Bones

If you think encrusting diamonds in a golden iPad is luxurious, luxury gadget creator Stuart Hughes added pieces of history like Ammolite stones “oldest rock in history” and T-Rex bone shavings on this iPad 2 Gold History Edition. This £5,000,000 iPad 2 flaunts a 24ct gold Apple logo encrusted with  51 12.5 cts flawless diamonds with 24ct gold back weighing 2,000 grams. The real deal here is the front frame which is made of 65 million year old T-REX thigh bones (57 grams)  shaved into Ammolite stone (750 grams) with home button encrusted with a single cute 8.5 ct diamond encircled with a total of 12 flawless diamonds. 

If you’re uber rich and into these kind of luxury, hurry up because there will be only two of this super expensive iPad 2 that will ever be made.

StuartHughes via ChipChick

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