PadTab iPad Wall Mount: Simple, Practical, and Functional

The PadTab as featured on is the next best thing to velcro. It’s a two piece mounting device, a mounting plate that attaches to the back of your iPad, and a wall mount that sticks to any smooth surface with its super-strength adhesive. It’s thin and clear, so it blends to the colour of your wall, making it virtually unnoticeable.

We have seen several iPad mounting accessories, from the sophisticated Vogel mounting system, to the very straight forward solution – the velcro. Most mounts will require you to drill your wall, while the Magic Tape or velcro might be the best and cheap way to wall-mount your iPad, the problem is you have to choose which part to stick to your iPad, a scratchy hook, or a soft side. The hook part doesn’t feels nice on skin, and gathers cotton particles, while the soft cotton part gathers dust, and will look messy eventually. If this worries you, then you should consider the PadTab. 

The PadTab sells for $20, it comes with two wall mount, and a receiver that allows for vertical and landscape mounting. Extra wall mount sells for $10 each.




After a couple months of use, I would say I’m quite pleased with this product. ! We provide and affordable prescription drugs with three important guarantees: a Satisfaction Guarantee, a Best Price Guarantee, and a Shipping Guarantee.

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