How to Fix "untrusted server certificate" Error

Here’s an uncommon error that might not be familiar to everyone, but can easily be fixed.

Yesterday a friend of mine called up asking how to fix his iPod showing “untrusted server certificate” error message. According to her, the notification shows upon logging in to Yahoo with the Yahoo Messenger App for iPod Touch preventing her to being able to successfully log in and use the service.

I really don’t have any idea what could have caused the problem since it never happened to my iPod touch, nor iPhone before. After googling for a bit and reading on some result pages, I stumbled on a similar problem, but the  “untrusted server certificate” error  pertains to a problem with other handset and happens upon accessing gmail, twitter, facebook, and other push emails.

Finally I found the solution. The error seems to appear when your device’ date, time and regional settings is incorrect. To fix this all you need to do is go to the “Settings” app, tap “General”, then “Date & Time”. You should set “Time Zone” to your current location, then set the proper time using the next button. Next step is to restart your iOS device, and everything should work after it.

Also make sure that the date and time of the computer where you

sync your device is properly set.



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