The Scotch Tape iPhone 4 Home Button Fix

My iPhone 4’s home button had become unresponsive lately. My easy solution is

to use the on screen home button as featured on this post.. The problem with using this feature is the floating on screen button, I find it annoying specially when watching movies or playing games. I nearly resort to having a pro fix it, but the home button still functions, it just gets unresponsive, you need to push it harder for it to work. So instead of spending 1,000 pesos for a new home button, I googled up and found an easy solution that I can do by myself, and without voiding the warranty.

You’ll be needing a #0 screw driver, and a scotch tape to do this. Here’s how:

  1. Open your iPhone 4 by unscrewing the two tiny screws beside the speaker and mic using the #0 screw driver then slide up the back cover to remove it.
  2. Get the scotchtape and create a tiny cylinder by rolling the tape four times.
  3. Stick it at the back of your iPhone below the battery just above the charging port.
  4. Slide back the cover and bring back the screws to close your phone.

What happened here is that the scotch tape pushes forward the back of the home button, so parts of it aligns back. It worked for me so why not give it a try.

If you don’t want to open your iPhone, you can try pouring alcohol on the home button as shown on this youtube video.

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