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Snak MIRC client for Mac let’s you download music and stuff online

With all the web technologies already available why in the world you still need MIRC? One reason for sure is to download music, movies and bunch of other cool stuff. Sure you can download things using bitTorrent but some still prefer mIRC. If you’re on a Mac, the best IRC client so far is SNAK.

gfxCardStatus Allows Monitoring and Manual Graphics Switching on 2010 Macbook Pros

Reviews has it that the new MacBook Pros with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M sometimes fail at switching between the two graphics chip, after weeks of waiting Apple still didn’t release fix or a remedy to the problem. Good thing there’s this third party app that allows you to monitor which graphics chip is being used and manually override Apple’s automatic […]

Improved Opera 10.52 for Mac is Ready for Download

The Desktop version of much anticipated Opera Mini for the iPhone just got updated and is now ready for download. Opera 10.52 for the Mac now includes new features and several improvement to make it a legitimate, Chrome and Firefox competitor. New features includes the following: Faster browsing experience with the new Carakan JavaScript engine, […]

Mac Variant of Microsoft Office 2011 First Screen Shots

Last month Microsoft announced that they will be going to release a Mac version of Office 2011 soon. Today BGR claimed that they scored several screen shots of Office 2011 and it includes shots of 2011 versions of MS Word, Excel, Powerpoin, and Outlook. The entire suite appears to include “ribbon” toolbar display which are […]

Amazon’s Kindle App for Mac is Ready for Download

“If you can’t beat them, join them”. Amazon just released “Kindle” application for the Mac platform and you can download it now via this link. Kindle for Mac is free to download, no kindle ebook reader required. You can also sync your entire Kindle library of books, notes and more with the Apps “Whispersync” feature.

Opera 10.5 beta: The Fastest Browser Surpassing Safari, Firefox even Chrome

Opera recently released it’s version 10.5 browser for the Mac platform, although the browser is at it’s early beta stage, it currently is making noise. People noticed how fast the browser is, Seth Weintraub of ComputerWorld tested it and it performed well. Opera 10.5 beta didn’t made enough buzz compared to Firefox and Chrome. I […]

Nova Media Intro’s FoneSyc for LG Phones

I used to have an LG mobile phone but it’s always difficult to synchronize contacts and calendars from a Mac, the default mobile phone syncing app for Mac “iSync” just don’t work with most LG phones. Nova Media seems to have the solution, they just released FoneSyne for LG Phones.

Aperture 3 Borrows iPhoto Features Gains over 200 New Ones

While everyone was expecting a New MacBook Pro revealed after the Online Apple Store Update, Apple come up with something we never see coming. Apple just release Aperture 3, Apple’s pro-level photo management, and editing Application. The New Aperture 3 acquired several features from iPhoto such as Places, Faces, and Advanced Slideshows while adding over […]

Firefox is Saying Goodbye to Tiger (Mac OS 10.4)

Sad to say, that in order to create a better version of Firefox for the Mac platform Firefox developers should leave support for Mac OS 10.4 Tiger. Josh Aas a Mozilla Engineer quoted out: “We would like to take advantage of more modern technologies on Mac OS X and 10.4 support has been a hindrance”.

Google Chrome for Mac Chrome-Promise and Download Link

Google Chrome for Mac is finally here. This could be a good or bad news. Bad news because there’s another browser to add in  your which-browser-to-use  misery. Good because there’s a new option, that is if your not satisfied with firefox or safari yet. Here’s a list of Goggle Chrome Promises (features)  which I call […]