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OSX Mavericks Just Turned My HDTV to a Wireless Monitor

Aside from being totally free, one thing I like the about OSX 10.9 Mavericks is that it allows me to use my Apple TV connected HDTV as a wireless secondary monitor (Airplay Display). Yes!, no wires, no cables, and it works seamlessly. At first I was sceptic, but the speed is fast enough that I […]

Goodbye Unwanted Calls: Block SMS and Calls on iOS 7

unblock contact ios7

So you meet a girl at a bar last night, you’re so drunk that you forget your were married and was able to exchange numbers. The next morning you got lots of text and missed calls from that women. The last thing you want is to ruin your marriage. Never fear iOS 7 is here! […]

How to properly install iOS7 beta on your iPhone 5

Do you like the recently announced version of iOS? I think it looks great, but you need to wait till September for it’s official release. If you’re like me who feels like 4 months is way too long to wait, you can get it now and install it on your iOS device, but you need […]

Can't Triple Click Home Button In Guided Access Mode

Guided Access feature on iOS 6 make the iPad Mini a little more kid friendly as it allows you to isolate hardware functions and prevents your “mini me” from pressing the wrong part of the screen. Back in the days without such neat feature, little ones get frustrated when they accidentally close the app when […]

Fix "iTunes could not connect to this iPod. The service did not start properly on the device." Error

reset network settings

The other day when I try to sync my wife’s 5th Gen. iPod Touch with iTunes to copy new episodes of the living dead, instead of the usual, I get the error message on iTunes stating that.. iTunes could not connect to this iPod. The service did not start properly on the device. iTunes won’t […]

Mountain Lion & iCloud Shared Reminders is Back! Disables "View Only"

I hate it when a product upgrade makes some useful feature obsolete, this also happens with the fruit company. For instance, when Apple updated they also disabled the ability to share Reminders. Before the update, the only way to share reminders is using the iCloud Calendar app, and when they moved Reminders from the […]

Fix 2012 Macbook Pro Battery Drain Problem

I’ve been using a desktop PC since my iMac failed. Moving from desktop to laptop computer is a bliss, now I don’t have to sit in my desk for hours. However, mobility depends on your Macs battery life. On paper the 2012 Macbook Pro with Retina Display should have no problem staying up for 7 […]

Forget Facebook Messenger for OSX, Use Apple Messages

Facebook released the native Messenger app for Windows () last March 2012, although they promised to come up with a Mac version, theres still no sign of the Messenger App on the App Store after 5 months. Although you can use your browser to send messages to your FB friends, there’s nothing that can beat […]

Sharing Reminders in Mountain Lion

Apple brings iOS inspired reminders in the latest version on OSX (Mountain Lion), and with iCloud, you can sync your reminders across your Macs, and iOS device. What if you want to share reminders to other user? Unlike the Calendar App, Reminders don’t have sharing option within the app. However, theres a way to share […]

Automatically Scale/Covert Screenshots to Non-Retina Resolution

Doing screenshots on a Mac is simple a simple task, but if your capturing screenshots on a Retina Display Mac to use for the web you will have to shrink it before posting on you blog or sending it to others. The Retina display on the recently released Macbook pro have a 2880 x 1800 screen resolution packed […]