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iPhone/iPad Hardware Repair Price Guide

Now that iPads and iPhones are officially available in the Philippines, users who are having problem with their device can have their gadget checked by an Authorized Apple Service Center except for unlocked iPhones since Apple is currently offering iPhone units only through Globe and Smart. Unlocked phones are considered grey market phones, and can […]

Built-in Sweep Panorama Coming to iOS5

There are already paid and free apps available at the app store that allows users to create panorama photos. As if these apps are not enough, It appears that Apple is planning to bring the ability to shoot panorama in the final release of iOS 5. A code snippet found on iOS 5 beta 3 […]

Kioky Screen Guard Applicator will make you install screen guards in seconds

Kioky reveals its upcoming screen protector for the iPhone. Available in mirror, matte, and one that allows privacy each screen guard comes with an applicator that will make installation a breeze, they call it as the “Kioky Perfect Fit Technology” which will fasten the screen guard effortlessly in seconds. Each unit comes with a couple […]

Bypass iPhone Passcode and Make Calls

The purpose of locking your iPhone is to prevent anyone from using it and make calls without you knowing it. Here’s a simple trick to bypass passcode on any iPhone running on iOS 4.1 and make calls in three easy steps. Enter Emergency Call dial #### or any number Quickly press the unlock button Now […]

Canal+ Uses an iPhone in their new Ad

A Paid French TV  Canal + uses an iPhone in this ad. At first I thought the video is a mock of a Tinatic scene, until it zooms out and reveals that the scene is controlled using the iPhone’s accelerometer. It shows that the iPhone is a good advertising material. Now what if you can […]

iChocolate are iPhone Apps You'll Actually Eat

There are tons of Apps in the app store that there’s an app for everything, in fact there’s an app that you can actually eat. The iChocolate are 20 piece gourmet chocolate that made to resemble iPhone App icons. Boxed in an iPhone like package, these extra dark chocolates are made of 100% cocoa butter […]

Breaking News: iPhone Survived an Airplane Crash

How tough is the iPhone? It’s so though that it can survive an Airplane crash. No, Not a real aircraft, but a radio-controlled Airplane. A Swedish guy named Robert attached his iPhone to model airplane to take an aerial video.  Apparently while maneuvering, the airplane crashed to a lamppost and so his iPhone. buying viagra in a canadian […]

iPhone 2G Just Got Obsolete?

The good thing about Steve Jobs is..  He is the only CEO that replies to emails sent by ordinary people. Niko a German “Average Joe” asked if Apple will continue to support or update older 2G iPhones. Steve answer the question in a short and straight forward manner and say “Sorry, No.” This is sad […]

Looking for the Default iPhone OS4 Wallpaper? Here it is!

You want your iPhone OS3.xx to look like iPhone OS4? Start by using the rain drops wallpaper. Lemme know it that makes you feel better. Courtesy of 9to4Mac.

Robot Analysis Proves iPhones have the best Touchscreen

Yes! The Robot have spoken and proven that the iPhone have the best touch screen. Earlier test already proven than the Apple branded phone’s touch panel is the most accurate but the test uses human fingers so this time labs.moto.com used an industrial robot with constant accurate pressure and speed.