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Never Feel Alone With the Hand iPhone 4 Case

Are you single and sad? Do you hate the feeling of being alone? iPhone 4 users in Japan don’t need to, thanks to the Hand iPhone 4 case – a regular snap on case with a life like hand attached to it. Available two variants, a man’s hand and a child’s hand,  each piece is meticulously crafted to look real […]

Elmo Just Crashed-in to your Hello Kitty Collection

Collecting is a serious hobby for some, and if you’re into Hello Kitty, here’s another irresistible item to add to your growing collection of Hello Kitty iPhone cases. This might not be a 100% Hello Kitty item, but for avid fans, this iPhone 4 case is Elmo’s way of gate crashing into your Kitty stash, or the […]

Smurf iPhone 4 case for the Smurfs' Village Fan

Smurfs’ Village is an extremely addictive virtual farming game on the iOS platform, it’s not really hard to get hooked with as I find it a lot better than Farmville. If you own a huge Smurf Farm or let’s say village, the best way to express your love of the game is by encasing your iPhone or […]

Scosche's New External Battery Case Stands on its Own

Going out for a long period of time means you need to make sure your iPhone is full charge, and make all the necessary settings to save battery or can buy yourself a nice external battery for extra juice. We have seen several solution, from the slimmest to charge on-the-go case with built-in solar charger […]

Incase Japan Solidarity iPhone 4 Case

Cases they come and go, most of us by them out of impulse, why not make your next purchase a bit more sensible. Now you can buy a case and help the Japanese rebuilt their country as accessory maker Incase releases its Japan Solidarity Case for the iPhone 4. The goad is to raise $10,000 […]

Case-Mate Lets You Create Your Own Yo Gabba Gabba Case

Good news kids! You can now express your love for Brobee, Foofa, Toodee, Plex, Muno, and the rest of the gang as accessory maker Case-Mate allows you to create your very own Yo Gabba Gabba case.  Case-Mate created a Yo Gabba Gabba IMakeMyCase Interface so you can choose from 12 background images, add over 40 […]

Shoot Underwater with the RainBallet Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

Still looking for a waterproof case for your iPhone 4? Well, check out the new RainBallet waterproof case by theJoyFactory. This case is specially designed to fit the iPhone 4, it features a technology called Intelli-filfter which enables it to block liquids and maintain sound quality from the phone, Sharpvue front and back glass panels for photos, and a shock […]

Luxury Alligator Skin iPhone 4 Case with Clock

If you think that Stuart Hughes Gold History iPad 2 mod is a little bit absurd, then you should check out this $34,000 iPhone 4 case from De Bethune. Designed David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet the DBM case for the iPhone 4 features a  48mm mechanical watch with six day power reserve and frequency of  28,800 […]

LifeProof: The thinnest tough case for the iPhone 4 yet

There’s one thing I hate about though, and shock proof cases is that they tend to make your phone huge and bulky, and most of then are not really waterproof! But that not with the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4. The LifeProof only adds adds 1.5mm of thickness, and it weights just 28g making […]

Biologic Bike Mount Case for the iPhone 4

I’ve been riding my bike again lately and the Motion X GPS adds fun to my ride, it lets me track my ride while listening to music. Now all I need is a bicycle mount so I can view my real-time map location. I googled out and stumbled on Biologic’s “Bike Mount” bicycle mounted case […]