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Wi-Fi Syncing Coming to iPhone 5?

The iPhone 4 is almost perfect, it now have a font facing camera, multi-tasking, faster processor and better design. Video conferencing was available years ago but it seems like Apple invented the best way to do it using FaceTime. Apple’s alibi is “the iPhone rather not have the feature than to have it, but doesn’t work well”. […]

iHub Syncs Contacts and Calendars between iPhones, iPads and Macs

Nova Media’s iHub allows you to synchronize contacts and calendar data between your iPhones, iPads and every Mac in your network. It uses your existing wi-fi network or creates a new one if desired, allows full control to which user can change or see address book contacts and calendar events, and it works on CardDAV […]

Rejected iPhone Wireless Syncing App “Wi-Fi Sync” Available at Cydia for $9.99

The dream app “Wi-Fi Sync” was rejected by Apple in the iTunes store is now available on Cydia. The App developed by Greg Hughes enables your iPhone or iPod Touch to sync wireless via wi-fi, but it violates Apple’s synchronization technology. According to Greg: While he agreed that the app doesn’t technically break the rules, he […]

WiFi Sync iPhone App Enables Wireless Syncing over Wi-Fi

While Microsoft’s Zune enabled wireless syncing from day 1, Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad doesn’t seem to like syncing through Wi-Fi. But why? Wireless syncing over Wi-Fi might be slower than using USB cables, but it gives you the option to charge it anywhere without going back to your computer. Soon you will be able to […]